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Real Estate Myths


Myth #1 Open Houses are an effective marketing tool.

In our community, Open Houses are usually held as a way for the local Realtors to become familiar with your listing.

Serious buyers almost always use a Realtor to help them find and purchase a home…in part, because Realtor services are “free” to the home buyer. Surveys consistently show that most buyers who make it to the closing table worked with a Realtor to buy their home and were not introduced to their home through an open house. Since open houses appeal to looky-loo’s, they are a terrific way for us to meet new buyers to work with, but not a good way to sell your home.

Myth #2 It takes longer to sell a home in winter.

TRUTH – It’s true that buyer activity is heavier in summer than in winter, but listing activity swings much higher in summer and much lower in winter. As a result, when you list in summer, you have more competition from other home sellers. In winter, you have less competition, you are dealing with proportionately more serious home-buyers (who willingly move in wintertime) and your home may enjoy a competitive advantage if it faces south, is relatively close to town, enjoys gas instead of electric heat, or has a level, easy-to-access driveway.

Myth #3 Empty homes don’t show as nicely as furnished homes.

TRUTH – The important consideration is whether a home is properly staged: that is is clean, in good repair and available to show. If you must move to your new home before you old home has sold, simply take measures to insure your former home shows well empty: repair/replace worn carpeting, touch-up all woodwork, wash windows, clean walls. In fact, it will probably appear larger without your furnishings and the buyers can envision their belongings in each room more easily.

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